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The Université de Mons has a single career event common to all its 7 faculties and 2 Ecoles. The Polytech career event (“Journée des Entreprises” = JDE) has been an official part of UMONS Career Day since 2023.

UMONS Career Day enables students to get a better feel for the world of the job market, conduct their first job interviews and sometimes even land a job before graduating.

As for employers, they have the opportunity to make themselves known, recruit directly and have access to participants’ CVs.

JEWaC’S, the Junior Entreprise of the Warocqué Faculty of Economics and Management at UMONS, and the UMONS Professional Insertion & Alumni Service jointly organize UMONS Career Day, in collaboration with the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons and Yep’Tech.

The next UMONS Career Day will take place on Wednesday March 13, 2024 at the Wallonia Conference Center Mons. Click here if you would like to receive information about the organization of the next edition (information sent in October).

Here are the profiles of our students and graduates:

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  • Architecture and urban planning,
  • Biology, chemistry, physics, computer science or mathematics,
  • Management engineering, management science or economic and social policy,
  • Civil engineering in chemistry-material science, electricity, computer science and management, mechanics, mining and geology or architecture,
  • Sociology or political science,
  • Biomedical or pharmaceutical sciences,
  • Psychological or educational sciences,
  • Humanities and Social Sciences,
  • Translation and interpreting.

Would you like more information?

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Would you like more information?

Contact us via !