Attend our Career Days

Several UMONS Faculties organise events so that employers and final year students can meet.

These events allow students to better approach the world of the job market, have their first job interviews and, in some cases, get a job before they even graduate.

Employers also have the opportunity to make themselves known to future graduates and access to their CVs.

The FPMs organises their own careers day, the journées des entreprises, during the first semester of the calendar year.



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The Junior Enterprise of the Warocqué School of Business and Economics of UMONS (JEWaC’s), in collaboration with the UMONS Alumni Service, is organising the UMONS Career Day in March.
This event enables companies to meet students from various backgrounds such as management engineering, management sciences or economic and social policy, but also biology, chemistry, physics, IT, mathematics, sociology, political science, translation and interpretation, biomedical, architecture and urban planning and many others for possible internship or recruitment opportunities.

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