Through the courses it offers, particularly in management and engineering, the University of Mons is committed to stimulating and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of its students.

As such, original and varied projects are underway, for example, the StarTech and Innovative Technology Project at the Faculty of Engineering (FPMs), and the Entrepreneurship Project at the Warocqué Faculty of Economics and Management (FWEG).

The StarTech project at the FPMs is an incubator programme for engineering students. It gives them the opportunity to develop a technological project in parallel with an appropriate economic model and to benefit from continuous coaching.


The Entrepreneurship Project of the FWEG is accessible to all students registered at UMONS. It allows them to take courses focused on creativity, business models, business plans and financial plans. They also receive continuous coaching and an introduction to pitching techniques.


The aim of the Innovative Technology Project is to introduce students to the development of an innovative idea, product or service that can lead to commercial success and assist them in the creation of a business plan and a prototype to attract private and public investors.


The supervision and assessment of these projects involve the participation of external partners who are experts in entrepreneurship.

As such, UMONS is open to collaborations with experienced entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, and other support structures, to create and develop projects.

To know more, please send an e-mail to : christiane.bughin@umons.ac.be