Support for Success

Actions of the Faculty

The Faculty has made a variety of tools available to students to help them succeed.

Before the start of the academic year, a week of introductory courses allows secondary school students to transition to higher education. This is the time for them to discover the role of an architect and, more specifically, what studying architecture entails.

A guidance and tutoring system has been implemented for scientific, technological and artistic courses. Teachers and assistants support each student in mastering the tools, skills and working methods necessary when studying architecture.

At the beginning of the Bachelor’s cycle, students who have failed in-class tests or mock exams, or who wish to have answers to any questions they have, attend the remediation activities integrated into each educational component and learning activity.

Question and answer sessions are also organised to target difficulties, and to meet the practical and methodological needs of the students. The frequency of these sessions is increased before and after the exam sessions. These sessions are also designed for students to review, and reflect on, the working methods they can use to be sure to pass examinations and projects.

Since the beginning of the 2017 academic year, in collaboration with the University’s Educational Support Unit (SAP), various tools have been made available to students to help them pass their Bachelor’s and Master’s courses. The SAP organises several success-oriented activities, such as supervised study leave, stress prevention methods, and reflections on appropriate working methods.

The Faculty also offers new support for success actions related to the access to, and use of, the digital tools of representation, modelling, mapping and digital manufacturing used for its various teaching activities.

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