Workshops in Digital Design, Photography and Modelling

The Faculty shows its interest in the digital world and its development regarding teaching and science by implementing human and technological resources.

The Faculty has a Computer Laboratory complete with 40 workstations equipped to meet the needs of students, in terms of the representation and modelling tools related to the practice of architecture.

Similarly, it has put in place a Digital Design Workshop (Digital Design Lab) equipped with high-performance machines, an interactive screen (Smart) and two 3D printers (MakerBot), available to students outside class hours. This space allows students to have easy access to material adapted to the digital practices of architecture, and to be able to implement new advanced modelling and digital manufacturing techniques.

Students have access to free educational software licences for the Representation and Modelling courses. These include Suite Autodesk, ArchiCAD, SketchUp Make, Suite Bentley, Rhinoceros, Artlantis and Twinmotion, all of which can be installed on the students’ personal computers. They also have access to Photo Studio, which is equipped with a dome (SoftBox) and professional cameras (Canon D700) used for photography and digital imaging classes.

The Faculty has created a Modelling Workshop, which is equipped with professional tools for students to make architectural models using various techniques and materials. They also have access to the UMONS FabLab (providing they follow the free training on offer), which offers a large laser cutting machine and for fast and accurate cutting.


Photography Workshop Manager: Mrs Cathy Suinen

Digital Design Workshop Manager: Mr Mohamed-Anis Gallas

Modelling Workshop Manager: Mr Henri Henin