Master’s degree in Architecture and Engineering specialising in Civil and Building Engineering

Architecte et Ingénieur spécialité Génie Civil et Bâtiment

Architecture and Engineering specialising in Civil and Building Engineering in 2 additional years following either course of study

As long-standing partners, UMONS and INSA-UPHF Hauts-de-France are keen to pool their teaching and scientific resources so that their students can benefit from specific training in architecture and engineering. From the next academic year, students with a Master’s degree in Architecture from the FAU will be able to register to study engineering specialising in Civil and Building Engineering (GCB). After 2 additional years of study, they will obtain an engineering degree from INSA Hauts-de-France. Conversely, students graduating from INSA will have access, under certain conditions, to the Master’s degree in Architecture at UMONS.

The GCB specialisation is designed to train construction managers with solid skills in digital, architectural and civil engineering. The aim of this course is to train engineers in the construction sector who are capable of exploiting digital technologies throughout the various phases of the built product, with a global vision of the act of building. Civil engineering and building engineers must be able to understand the entire life cycle as part of a BIM approach.

  • Mastering engineering methods and tools: identifying, modelling and solving problems, even unfamiliar and incompletely defined ones, using IT tools, analysing and designing systems < Mastering software for designing and analysing geographical data
  • Mastering software specific to a technical field
  • Defining, modelling, developing and managing databases and the digital mock-up of a construction project
  • Defining, organising and managing interoperability between modelling, design and project monitoring tools
  • Designing, implementing, testing and validating innovative solutions, methods, products, systems and services.
  • Developing solutions tailored to the specific features of the project in terms of construction techniques and cooperative approaches, such as the drafting of “BIM” partnership charters
  • Incorporating recent technologies into projects, linked to advances in home automation and urban planning
  • BIM Manager
  • BIM Coordinator
  • Design Engineer
  • Construction Economics Engineer
  • Building and engineering expert – Building technology
  • Technical Building Control Manager
  • Works Engineer, Asset Manager