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The objective of the Bachelor’s in Architecture is to prepare students for the Master’s in Architecture; having the Bachelor’s is the condition of access.

From the first year, students are completely immersed in the specialism of their field of study: architecture.

“I have to admit that architecture was not initially a vocation for me. I was looking more for studies that would suit my affinities, skills and abilities. However, when presented with the wide range …

Annaelle Bienfait
Student at the end of her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture

Program and structure

Courses on architectural and urbanistic composition make up the basis of the Bachelor’s. They are taught in the form of workshops of up to twenty students and allow each of them to acquire the basics:

  • An architectural culture, a critical approach
  • The understanding and practice of architecture by experimenting with concepts, methods and related fundamental knowledge
  • Design processes according to various contexts, scales, uses, and socio-economic, technical, aesthetic and temporal data
  • Acquisition of graphic and oral expression.

In addition to courses related to artistic practice and representation techniques (graphic / digital), a theoretical cultural approach to arts, architecture and urbanism is provided. This knowledge is essential to nurture students’ creativity and aesthetic sensitivity. Technical training will enable them to turn their concepts into architectural projects.

The scientific subjects specific to architecture professions will provide these designers with the rigour and relevance of sizing the structural and technical elements of different structures.


Learning outcomes

Creativity, critical thinking, sensitivity and artistic culture, interest in the quality of life and socio-economic context, autonomy, ability to carry out literature and documentary research, ability to use knowledge and culture, ability to represent designs by graphic and infographic means, ability to explain and defend ideas… these are just a few examples of what we can expect from the Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

Teaching profile

At the end of this course programme, students will be able to:

  • Address an architectural issue
    • Study the different components of a theme to articulate its findings in a comprehensive summary
    • Build an architectural culture based on theoretical and critical knowledge and personal reading
    • Transversely coordinate the various disciplines related to architecture and urban planning
    • Contextualise their approach to architecture
    • Develop teamwork skills
    • Plan and organise architecture projects adapted to a context
  • Develop a spatial response
    • Master the means of oral, written and graphic expression
    • Develop a project methodology integrating the various constraints related to the architectural discipline
    • Design a project, taking into account the different scales of analysis
    • Develop a creative approach from a set of constraints
    • Develop a personal and creative architectural composition project
  • Implement an identified spatial response
    • Adopt an applied scientific approach
    • Integrate technical dimensions into a project
    • Reconcile the creative and functional dimensions in the project
    • Adapt their structural, technical and formal choices according to the principles and values of the project.
  • Interact with all actors
    • Master the different means of expression available to the architect to communicate to new or informed audiences
    • Develop a professional attitude
    • Work in a team
    • Integrate the different expectations of stakeholders related to architecture and urban planning
    • Provide, share and defend their ideas in collective discussions related to governance frameworks
  • Make choices
    • Demonstrate reflexivity, openness and initiative
    • Demonstrate ethical values


The objective of the Bachelor’s in Architecture is to prepare students for the Master's in Architecture. Indeed, having a Bachelor's in Architecture gives direct admission onto the Master’s.

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