Research Institutes

Research at the University of Mons is structured into Institutes that unite the different research teams (units) of its faculties.

The research teams of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning participate in the activities of the following Institutes


Energy: Energy Issues

The ENERGY Institute dedicates itself to research and development related to energy issues. This multidisciplinary theme covers scientific, technological, societal, legal, economic and political aspects. It therefore requires an integrated approach of many disciplines.

FAU unit: Science and Construction Techniques & Town and Regional Planning


humanOrg: Societal and Human Development and Organisations

The humanOrg Research Institute at UMONS focuses on individuals, organisations and society. The institute’s research focuses on the understanding of these three levers of analysis in a dynamic and multifaceted perspective in order to understand societal evolutions.

FAU unit: Architecture and Society


Numediart: Creative Technologies

NUMEDIART is the research institute of UMONS whose mission is to provide training and research activities in the field of creative technologies. Created in 2010, it brings together around 75 researchers and has internationally recognised expertise in processing sounds, images, videos, gestures and bio-signals for applications where human-machine interactions are designed to provoke emotion.

FAU unit: Architectural Design & Art and Techniques of Representation


Risks: Sciences and Management of Risks

Created in 2012, to bring together the unique skills in the French Community of Belgium regarding risk management, the Research Institute for the Science and Management of Risks (ISMR) is firmly committed to the transversality of a multidisciplinary scientific approach for the prevention of dangers and crisis management.

FAU unit: Town and Regional Planning