International Relations

Teaching architecture is a vast and complex task, and one which is influenced by the different cultures in the country and the evolution of our societies. At the time of many debates on globalisation and cultural identity, the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning (FA+U) encourages internationalisation. An ever growing international network has been formed through workshops, seminars and conférences.

Student mobility relies on a network of many university partners inside and outside Europe. Students can take two trips abroad during their studies, one during the Bachelor’s and another during the Master’s. The duration of the mobility is from 6 months to a year. The FA+U also welcomes students from Europe and around the world.

The mobility of teachers and researchers is central to sharing expertise on an international scale, developing multidisciplinary research, and strengthening an active relationship with our international partners.

The internationalisation of the FA+U is supported by the International Relations Office and its Vice Rector.