For Adults Returning to Education

For many years, the Faculty of Architecture has been an advocate for lifelong learning and the development of your professional career.

The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning offers several types of continuing education, including :
  • Courses leading to a degree recognised by the French Community of Belgium (Master, Specialised Master)
  • Courses leading to an officially recognised teaching qualification (AESS, CAPAES)
  • Courses leading to a Graduate Certificate.

These programmes are designed to facilitate the link between education and professional and personal life with, for example, adapted timetables (courses are grouped on certain days of the week), evening and/or weekend classes, and the possibility of staggering an academic year.

Contact :

The Continuing Education Unit is your first point of contact and will direct you to the department offering the studies you are looking to pursue

Academic Affairs Department – Continuing Education Unit

Mrs Patricia LORENT
Ruelle du Cerf blanc 1 – 7000 MONS
Tél.: +32(0)65/37 37. 14

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