Courses of Study

Bachelor’s in Architecture (180 credits)

At Bachelor level, the FA+U offers a set of courses articulated around architecture which enable students to acquire initial technical, scientific and artistic knowledge.

Master’s in Architecture: Specialist Focus on CONSTRUCTION (120 credits)

The CONSTRUCTION focus is structured around four themes: habitats, heritage, landscape, and urbanity. Each sector develops a specific approach and methodology. It also gives architecture students the opportunity to broaden their skills in digital technologies (3D modelling), the energy performance of buildings, and contemporary art.

Master’s in Architecture: Specialist Focus on URBAN PLANNING (120 credits)

In general, the teaching of urban planning, a multidisciplinary discipline since its foundation, still draws upon many disciplines, and does not necessarily conform to “urban action” integrating design methods, decision-making mechanisms and development project processes necessary for producers of territorial intelligence. Faced with this failure, where project planning remains unexplored, the FA+U proposes to expand its course options to train architects in the art of developing cities and territories which must deal with the emergence of many issues of sustainable development. These issues are affected by the evolution of urban and regional issues, such as the increased interest in urban renewal, and the adaptability of cities and territories, to name but a few. This teaching, based on project work, is structured around the four existing themes of the Faculty: habitats, heritage, landscape, and urbanity

PhD in Architecture and Doctoral Training (180 credits)

Graduates can also chose to do a PhD thesis. Here at UMONS, the research areas and supervision developed by the Faculty have established a constructive framework in order for PhD candidates to carry out this work.

NOTE: The Master’s degree allows graduates to pursue a career as a self-employed architects, amongst others. To do so, graduates must work for two years as a trainee under the supervision of an architect supervisor who has sufficient experience in the field and who is a member of the Ordre des Architectes.

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