Courses of Study

Our teaching approach

Our teaching is part of a specific teaching practice based on architectural and urban design.

Courses are organised in the form of workshops attended by around twenty students. The workshops are intended as places for reflection and creativity, where students learn to use the theoretical and practical knowledge they have acquired throughout their studies.

Students are encouraged to gradually integrate the artistic, technical, social, landscape and cultural dimensions of architecture, according to their personal choices. This teaching method, which involves continuous assessment, encourages both collaboration between students and teachers and the development of the autonomy and critical thinking needed to carry out their personal projects. The Faculty also offers specific expertise in a number of areas:

  • The redevelopment and revitalisation of areas affected by major changes in terms of activities (industrial wasteland, etc.)
  • The study of architectural heritage from a regional perspective
  • The study of urban processes, industrial ecology and the ability to adapt to environmental challenges.

The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning offers students the opportunity to develop their skills through a wide range of activities associated with the course, such as lectures, trips, seminars, workshops and film debates, notably in collaboration with the of the Belgian ‘Order of Architects’ (Ordre des Architectes).

“Architecture, in my view, is a multidisciplinary art that represents the harmonious fusion of the design, planning and construction of spaces, creating a connection between people and their built env…
Charlotte Daue
Final year Master's student in Architecture