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A doctorate (or PhD) is defined as the third cycle of university studies leading to the academic degree of Doctor. This degree, representing the highest qualification of a particular field of study, is conferred by the Faculty following the presentation of a doctoral thesis.

PhD students must carry out research and personalised training to acquire advanced scientific knowledge and a wide range of transversal skills. They contribute to a research project that often involves a team of researchers. They are supported by their supervisor, who advises them and assists them throughout this long-term project.

PhD students benefit from the experience of their peers and guidance throughout the development of their doctoral thesis. They are also often required to travel in order to carry out their research project.

Our teaching makes it possible to collaborate with the research centre, U.R.B.A.In.E, which acts as an interface between teaching and research.

Access conditions

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Target audience

Holders of a Master’s in Architecture (or equivalent).

Program and structure

Generally, a doctoral thesis can last from 4 to 6 years. During this time, the goal of the PhD student is to contribute to solving a scientific problem. Tasks include carrying out scientific monitoring to establish state-of-the-art developments, making personal contributions to their chosen subject and then report the findings through writing scientific articles, and participating in seminars and conferences all over the world.


The PhD in Architecture and Urban Planning opens the door to academic positions for architects wishing to direct their careers towards teaching and research.

The professional experience acquired through research, and the skills accumulated during the doctorate, are both very valuable for future employers, whether they are scientific or transversal (project management, time management, oral communication, analytical skills, languages, etc.). Contrary to popular belief, the doctorate is an asset for any architect who strives for a professional career, as it attests to the expertise established during the thesis.

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