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Ph.D. position on Innovative CO2 capture at the University of Mons and at the Lhoist group, Belgium (f/h/x)

Votre mission

Innovative CO2 capture technologies in lime production sector using electricity from renewable energies

Carbon-intensive industries are responsible for a large share of the anthropogenic CO2 emissions to our atmosphere. Major CO2 emissions of mineral industry mainly come from cement and lime productions due to the transformation of calcium carbonate in calcium oxide and these emissions are unavoidable. Shifting towards a low-carbon economy needs cost-effective and friendly environmental novel carbon capture solutions (CCS) to be conceived, tested and deployed afterwards.  Current solutions either suffer from high thermal energy penalties and using and/or storing dangerous substance.

The Lhoist Group is a global leader in lime, dolomite and minerals. With headquarters in Belgium, the group is present in over 25 countries with more than 100 facilities around the globe. This family-owned business combines a traditional industrial culture with a dynamic and entrepreneurial approach. It differentiates its business by being close to its customers, understanding their needs and providing them with the high-quality products their activities require. The reduction of CO2 emissions has become a priority issue for the Lhoist Group. Lhoist wants to offer its customers zero-CO2 emissions products. It is actually involved in some main research projects to test different CO2 capture technologies.

The chemical engineering and material sciences department of UMONS has a long experience and expertise in relation with gas purification and separation with nowadays: CO2 capture as the main application, especially for adsorption-based processes and absorption-regeneration processes. Since 2006, it took part to different European Projects in relation with this thematic CCS/CCU and it is actually the coordinator of the H2020-MOF4AIR European Project started in 2019. The members of the department created in 2013 an Academic Chair at UMONS, in collaboration with the European Cement Research Academy, on the subject of CO2 capture and reuse applied in the cement industry

Lhoist and UMONS have been collaborating in CCS field and wish to evaluate technologies at a lower level of technological maturity (TRL4-6) for the next generation of CO2 capture technologies using electricity produced by renewable energies to reach the zero emission objective in 2050.

Vos responsabilités

Area of the proposed research in this PhD:

Identification and first evaluation of CO2 technologies using electricity as energy source to capture CO2 in flue gases from limestone unit (TRL level, effect of the CO2 concentration,  environmental impacts (life cycle analysis), size of the units, economic characteristics, …) . At the end of this first part of the work one or two technologies will be selected and studied in details.

The units will be modeled and simulated on a commercial software as ASPEN or G-proms. Thermodynamic and kinetic parameters will be determined, validated trough experimental tests using UMONS experimental facilities. After the modeling validation, a process simulation at industrial scale (with a flue gas from the limestone industry) will be performed.

Finally, techno-economic and environmental assessments of the global process will be performed through CAPEX and OPEX evaluations and life cycle analysis respectively.

Votre profil

Candidate’s profile:

Education: The candidates should have master’s degree in chemical, mechanical or process engineering.

Strong background in processes is required. Experience in programming and / or numerical simulations is an advantage.

Languages: A good knowledge of English is required, both oral and written.

Other skills: Writing skills, good communication skills, rigor, conciseness and motivation.


Notre offre

The candidate will be hosted in a nice working environment at UMONS and at Lhoist under a challenging job in a dynamic and challenging innovative project are in accordance with the internal University of Mons agreement (average 2300 net €/month).

Intéressé(e) ?

Applications (CV + motivation letter showing the adequacy with the requested profile + eventual letters of recommendation) must be sent by email before the 30 september 2023 to:

Prof. Guy De Weireld  

Thermodynamics Unit

Faculty of Engineering (FPMs)

University of Mons (UMONS)

31, Boulevard Dolez

7000 Mons – BELGIUM

Prof. Diane Thomas

Chemical and biochemical process engineering Unit

Faculty of Engineering (FPMs)

University of Mons (UMONS)

56, Rue de l’Epargne

7000 Mons – BELGIUM



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Date de publication
09 juillet 2023
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30 septembre 2023

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Diane Thomas / Guy De Weireld
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