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Language teaching is a sector in constant demand.  Whether in general, technical, further or private education, in a language school or in a place of work, language teachers meet the needs of a society with many multicultural relationships and are willing to face the challenge of internationalisation.    Translators, with their accumulated skills in culture and society, are privileged actors who can transmit their knowledge and skills essential for optimal communication between users of different languages.
The Decree of 11th April 2014, and its implementing orders, grants holders of a Master’s in Translation (teaching focus) the qualification required to teach two foreign languages. It also grants them the qualification required to teach French as a foreign language (FLE). 

Access conditions

Do you already have a higher education qualification obtained in the French Community? Use our search tool to check whether your qualification grants you admission onto this Master’s degree and, if so, under what conditions. 

Target audience

Holders of a Bachelor’s in Translation and Interpretation.  

Program and structure

The programmes are divided into three “course groups”, the core curriculum of the Master’s degree in Translation (unchanged), the specific specialist courses (30 ECTS over the two blocks) and the elective courses (14 and 12 ECTS for the blocks 1 and 2).   The course is open to students who have obtained the Bachelor’s degree. It is also open to those who hold a Master’s degree in Translation or Interpretation, and represents a specific reduced programme of 30 ECTS which can be achieved in one year.  
The professional integration activities (translation placement) are maintained in the core curriculum, while the teaching placement is integrated into the activities specific to the teaching focus.  Those who chose the teaching focus will therefore carry out two placements in block 2.  
Following the Master’s in Translation, students of the FTI-EII will graduate as both translators and language teachers in upper secondary education or further education.  They will have the qualification required to teach both languages of their basic language combination (e.g. English and Dutch, English and Spanish, etc.).  They also have access to higher education (Hautes Écoles) under the same conditions as those who hold the “agrégation” teaching qualification. 

Teaching profile

The programme description defines the expected learning outcomes at the end of the cycle (Bachelor's, Master's, etc.). The programme description defines the expected learning outcomes, i.e. what the student should know, understand and be able to achieve at the end of a learning activity, a teaching unit or a study cycle (Bachelor's, Master's, etc.). Learning outcomes are defined in terms of knowledge, expertise and soft skills. 

At the end of the Master's, students will have: 

  • Linguistic skills - applying linguistic knowledge to translation or interpreting 
  • (Inter)cultural skills - using intercultural knowledge relevant to the understanding, analysis and contextualisation of translation activities. 
  • Thematic skills - developing and applying thematic knowledge in the fields in which translation/interpreting activities are carried out 
  • Cognitive skills - mastering the theoretical knowledge specific to translation and interpreting, applying it to professional practice and developing it independently 
  • Ethical and professional skills - mastering the professional context of translation 
  • Technological skills - knowing and using translation tools and applications specific to its sub-fields 
  • Specific linguistic skills in foreign languages - using the foreign language in a teaching context. 


For more information, consult the programme description for this study cycle below (in French). 


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