Students who are about to finish secondary school

Belgian and European students who are finalising their secondary school studies can, as of the first Open Day organised at UMONS, fill in a pre-registration request form

  • either by going in person to the Registration Office
  • or by completing the document and sending it to the Registration Office.

Pre-registered students will receive confirmation of receipt of this document within 15 days (or immediately if they take it to the Registration Office in person).

Students wishing to register for the Bachelor’s degree in Medicine or Speech-Language Therapy should fill in the contact details form. They will be subject to the same registration procedure as resident/non-resident students. For more information, please see the information on specific cases.

In June, students will receive a letter asking them to confirm their registration. This letter will be accompanied by a list of documents that the students have to provide in order to complete their registration application.

Registrations are considered definitive once the registration procedure has been completed and the tuition fees have been paid.