Belgian and European Students


  • Regular fees: 835 €
  • Intermediate fees (modest income): 374 €
  • Reduced fees (SAE and DGCI grant-holders): 0 €
  •    Regular fees: 279 €

1st Year Registration

  • Regular fees: 835 €
    Please note, UMONS staff and the researchers they welcome do not have to pay any tuition fees when registering for third cycle studies. The term ‘researchers’ refers to those who benefit from an FRS-FNRS grant, and other associated funds.


 Subsequent Years

  • Regular fees: 32 €

(These amounts shall be applied for applications for relief submitted by 31.10 at the latest. Students enrolled in the 1st block of 60 credits of the bachelor’s degree who apply for the relief after submitting the assessments at the end of the first term pay the normal fees listed in point 1.1).

  • Regular fees (registration fees on credit): 13.92 €
  • Reduced fees (modest income) (tuition fees on credit): 6.23 €
  • Reduced fees (SAE and DGCI grant-holders): 0 €
  • AESS (registration fees on credit): 9.03 €

When a student is registered on several different courses of study during the same academic year, one of their registrations is considered to be their main registration, and the others are considered complementary registrations. The tuition fees for these complementary registrations are to be paid in addition to those due for the main registration.

  • Regular fees: 247 €
  • Intermediate fees (modest income): 237 €
  • Reduced fees (SAE and DGCI grant-holders): 0 €
  • Board of the French Community: 384 €
  • French Language Proficiency Test: 50 €
  • University Admissions Exam: 132 €
  • Special admissions exam in Applied Sciences: 50 €


  • Registration as an AUDITING STUDENT: Amount to be paid for ALL Faculties and Institutes: 300 € for one academic year

Note:  details for bank transfers are available on the student’s MyUMONS portal once their registration has been confirmed. It is also possible to pay online via this portal.

The abovementioned amounts are communicated for information purposes only and may be modified according to any new legislation related to higher education in Belgium.

Note:  Students who feel that they can be considered for reduced tuition fees or a study grant should contact the University’s Social Service.