Specific Cases

Registration as an Auditing Student is subject to authorisation by the Dean of the relevant faculty and is contingent on there being places available.

Auditing students are not regular students.  Their status allows them to only follow lectures, and they are not permitted to do practical or lab work.

They are not allowed to take exams associated with the courses they follow, and they do not receive credits.

As such, auditing students do not receive any diplomas or certificates, and their academic performance is not subject to deliberation.

Registration Procedure and Conditions: Candidates must submit a request, in writing, to the Dean of the Faculty they wish to attend (letter of motivation + CV).  If accepted, the Faculty Secretariat will provide the candidate with an authorisation document signed by the Dean.  Upon presentation of this document, and after the €300 tuition fees have been paid, the Registration Office can finalise the candidate’s registration as an auditing student.

A special note is issued to the candidate, receipt of which they must acknowledge. They will then receive a document confirming their registration as an auditing student.

The tuition fees applicable to auditing students are 300 euros per academic year.

–> Auditing Student Application Form

Access to examinations offered by the Higher Education Examining Board of the French Community is limited to those who satisfy conditions of access to studies but, for objective reasons deemed acceptable to the Board, who cannot follow the regular teaching activities.

Students who are allowed to sit the exams for a year’s study under this status are not considered ‘regular’ students.

Only studies leading to first or second cycle degrees qualify for this status.

Students who have been registered on the same year of study for two consecutive academic years, either at a university, or with Higher Education Examining Board of the French Community status, cannot register for the same exams until a further 3 academic years have passed.

Students who have had deliberations for their exams can only sit exams again after further registration.

The cost for a session is available on the Tuition Fees page.

The registration periods for the Higher Education Examining Board of the French Community status are:

  • for the first session: before the 30th November
  • for the second session: between 15th June and 15th July


Prior to their registration, in order for them to be assessed, candidates must submit the following documents to the relevant faculty:

  • official documentation which states that it is impossible for the student to follow the standard registration procedure at a university
  • official documentation which outlines the student’s activities during the 5 preceding years
  • proof of the qualification (e.g. a certificate) giving access to the desired course of study
  • a photocopy of both sides of the studnet’s I.D. card or passport
  • a photocopy of the student’s residence permit.

The assessment board’s decision will be sent to the Registration Office by the relevant faculty.