Non-EU Students and Assimilation

Non-EU students must pay higher fees in accordance with the Landscape Decree.

The amounts are listed in the table available here (B – Increased fees applied in 2022-2023). They concern students already enrolled in a study cycle in the French Community of Belgium between 2014 and 2022 inclusive. These students remain subject to the provisions of the circular applied at the time of their first enrolment and as long as they do not change their study cycle.

Please note that the new circular concerning the increased fees [1] will be applicable from the academic year 2023-2024. It concerns any new HUE student who is not assimilated and who registers for the first time in higher education in the French Community of Belgium.

The new circular will be applied to students who change cycle during the academic year 2023-2024.

However, they can be exempted if they meet the assimilation criteria provided for by the law. Assimilated HUE students are asked to pay the regular fees as they are included among the “fundable students”.

Students must meet the assimilation criteria on 31 October of the academic year to which they relate. Proof of assimilation must be provided through the following documents: Assimilation criteria. The documents to be produced must be originals or certified copies submitted by 15 April of the academic year to which they relate.

(The assimilation criteria are subject to changes in current higher education legislation).

These amounts are subject to changes in current higher education legislation. They may vary significantly from year to year.

[1] In particular, the amount is fixed per type of education. For a study programme organised by a university, it is the registration fee plus 2505 euros, as defined in Article 1 of the said circular.