Application for Re-registration

REMINDER: Re-registration is not automatic


UMONS students who already registered the previous year, and who wish to re-register the following academic year, must, after their last deliberation, submit their application to re-register online between July 4 and October 15 of the current year.

Please note:

  • Law School students must re-register via the ULB portal.


  1. BY COMPLETING THE ONLINE REGISTRATION APPLICATION via your MyUMONS portal (do not forget to confirm your application!)

    1 – If you have successfully completed all your credits in the 1st session, or at least 75% of the credits of your annual programme (PAE) in the 2nd session during the current academic year, and you are continuing on the same course, your re-registration application will be automatically validated within a few working days following the confirmation of your application.
    2 – If you are not in the situation mentioned above, your application may take up to four weeks to be processed.

    An email confirming acceptance or refusal of your application will be sent to your UMONS email address.
    If, on verification of your application, any documents are missing, you will be contacted by the Registration Office in the weeks following your re-registration.
    If you wish to change course, you will have to go to the Registration Office; online re-registration applications will not be possible in this case.

  2. By PAYING your registration fees either online or by bank transfer, both available on your MyUMONS portal once your application for re-enrolment has been validated, respecting the structured communication, or by going to the Registration Department counter.
  • By August 23, 2022 if you have successfully completed all the credits of your PAE in the 1st session
  • By September 30, 2022 if you have completed them in the 2nd session.

You will be prompted to send us the following documents (from your “student” email address to, or by post):

  • For everyone: a copy of both sides of your ID card or your valid residence permit, or a copy of your passport if the date of validity of your identity document has passed 30/09 of the current year.
  • For medicine and biomedical science students: a medical certificate confirming that you are capable of following the course.
  • For non-EU students who meet the assimilation criteria: please refer to the “assimilation criteria” available on the website and attach the required documents according to your assimilation criteria.

As a reminder, if you were considered assimilated at the start of a study cycle, you will remain assimilated throughout the cycle (unless you change course) and, therefore, no longer need to provide evidence.

Reminder: You must also have your PAE validated to finalise your registration.

To do this, follow the procedure communicated by your Faculty Secretariat.