Faculty Associations


The AGE student association has existed since 1904. It organises many fun and important activities for students:

  • Support during study leave and examination periods
  • Cultural and sports events
  • Student rituals
  • Parties
  • The Mons Cup



The Junior Enterprise Warocqué Consulting Services (JeWacs), created in May 2003, is a non-profit organisation managed exclusively by FWEG students from all years.

The JeWacs provides services in the fields of finance (e.g. financial and accounting audits), marketing and sales (e.g. market research), IT (e.g. websites, advice, etc.), and management consultancy (e.g. business start-ups).

Website : http://jewacsasbl.wix.com/jewacs
Contact : jewacsasbl@gmail.com


The Warocqué School Alumni Association (Association Royale des Ingénieurs Commerciaux, Licenciés et Docteurs de Mons-Charleroi Warocqué A.S.B.L – AICM) provides students and graduates with a network of knowledge for :

  • Helping members find work
  • Supporting members’ initiatives and associations
  • Intensifying contacts between members
  • Defending the interests of its members

The AICM also organises activities throughout the academic year, such as:

  • Business dinners/lunches
  • Conférences
  • Cultural and sports events
  • Supporting and sponsoring student events (the Mons Cup, the Academic Ball, Warocqué Career Day, etc.)
  • Awarding students the AICM prize during the proclamations
  • Funding grants for studies and placements abroad

Contact : aicm@umons.ac.be