Academic programme

Your Academic programme during your stay with us

The Warocqué School of Business and Economics offers a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s courses taught in French and English.

As an exchange student you have the opportunity to compose your own academic programme in order to meet your career objectives, in agreement with your home institution. While you should mainly take business courses, you can give your programme a specific focus by choosing subjects in French and/or in English from around 40 other programmes, such as engineering, psychology, and modern languages.
In order to organise your academic programme, you will have to fill in a Learning Agreement detailing the list of the courses you have chosen to take.

Your academic programme can be exclusively made up of courses, but can also be complemented by a placement in a Belgian company. Such an arrangement will give you the opportunity to have a great international experience and give you all the necessary assets to meet the challenges of an international career.