Support for Success

Our priority is your success

Going to university is synonymous with “change”. As with any change, adaptation is necessary: a new rhythm of life, new schedules, taking on new work habits, meeting new teachers, making new friends with people from all sorts of backgrounds, etc. There are many opportunities to learn how to be a higher education student.

The FWEG will support its students in this change. It is for this reason that it has implemented a series of measures designed to respond to the difficulties most frequently encountered by students during their first year at university.

In addition to the activities implemented by UMONS, to help students experience a smooth transition, the FWEG offers:

Before discussing these activities in more detail, students must be aware of the fact that success is built from the very beginning of the academic year and that they are the primary actors in their own success. Students must commit themselves fully to these activities in order to succeed.

For more information, please contact

Benoît Mahy
Coordinator of the Faculty Unit for Educational Support