Outgoing mobility (OUT)

As part of its quality policy, the FWEG has defined targets with a respect to international awareness. The FWEG is committed to fostering student contacts with other countries, other cultures, other languages, other learning methods, and other traditions in the field of management. It is particularly committed to facilitating its students’ stays in foreign universities.

Studying abroad for a semester or an entire academic year is possible in both EU and non-EU countries

Besides improving foreign language skills, a mobility placement is the opportunity for students to discover new cultures, learn new things, and make friends with people from across the globe. A mobility placement is an enriching academic and personal experience valued by future employers. It can really make a difference to a CV!

Mobility grants are awarded to students so that they can carry out their stay in the best possible conditions.

Example destinations in Europe :

Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, the UK, and many others. In addition, with the Erasmus Belgica programme, students can complete part of their studies at a university in the Flemish Community of Belgium, and study in Dutch or English at the University of Hasselt or the University of Ghent.

Example destinations around the world :

USA, Quebec, Brazil, China and Malaysia.

J’ai eu la chance de pouvoir bénéficier du programme Erasmus et de pouvoir partir quelques mois en Angleterre. C’était pour moi, une opportunité à saisir. J’avais envie de savoir si je pouvais m’adap…
Anne-Sophie Izzo
Diplômée du Master en Sciences de Gestion en 120 crédits (2017)


Laetitia Pozniak, PhD.
International Exchange Coordinator