Training for Federal Public Servants

According to the Royal Decree of 16th July 2013, level B or C federal officials wishing to enter Level A must register on four educational components (UE) from a Master’s programme after passing an initial series of exams organised by SELOR.

To be valid, officials must opt for three UEs that are linked to their function.
They must then opt for a fourth UE in the field of law, economics or public finance. This fourth subject must be selected from the official list available from the IFA, available HERE.

Officials may also choose to opt for four UEs from the official list.

Officials should contact their training supervisor prior to any action related to this type of registration. The training supervisor will provide all the necessary information on the steps to be taken before registration.

Officials must download a registration form for each UE. They must then submit these duly completed forms to the Continuing Education Unit.