2nd Cycle: Master

Master studies at the Mons and Charleroi campuses

The WAROCQUE School of Business and Economics arranges daytime Master courses in Mons and evening and weekend courses in Charleroi.

All Master’s courses provide a variety of opportunities. However, each has its own particularities and allows students to specialise, according to their previous training, and opens many more doors to the professional world.

Which Master? On what site? According to which schedule?

Mons – Daytime Schedule
Charlero – Part-time and Evening courses

Master’s in Business Engineering :

Specialist Focus

120 credits

Master’s in Management

60 credits

Specialist Focus/ Teaching Focus

120 credits

Master’s in Economic and Social Policy : 

Specialist Focus : on Management of Economic and Social Policy, on Local Government Management or on Social Policy 

120 credits

Master’s Degree in Management

60 credits

Master’s Degree in Management :

Specialist Focus on Management and Strategy

120 credits