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A “transitional” 1st cycle consisting of 180 credits leading to a Bachelor’s degree.

Access conditions

It is taught during the day and is accessible to students who have obtained the Belgian school leavers’ certificate (C.E.S.S.) or an equivalent qualification.  

Students who have graduated from another type of higher education institution can be included in Bachelor’s degree (second and third year programs) in order to have the pre-requisites necessary for the Master’s degree.

Target audience

Students who have obtained the Belgian school leavers’ certificate (C.E.S.S.) or a foreign degree accompanied by the equivalence decision. 

Teaching profile

The programme description defines the expected learning outcomes, i.e. what the student should know, understand and be able to achieve by the end of a learning activity, a teaching unit or a study cycle (Bachelor's, Master's, etc.). Learning outcomes are defined in terms of knowledge, expertise and soft skills.

At the end of the Master's, students will be able to :

  • Understand the scientific foundations of technological processes and the management of information flow and their respective involvement from a managerial point of view.
  • Activate mathematical and computer models to insert them into analytical reasoning.
  • Implement an academic view on knowledge, particularly through the mastery of methods and literature research tools.
  • Actively master the fundamental concepts and models of economic sciences and management sciences.
  • Acquire basic methodological tools necessary for scientific inquiry in the field of economics and management.
  • Mobilise communication skills in two languages other than French, both orally and in writing, as a presentation of an argument or piece of research in accordance with scientific ethics.
  • Critically compare knowledge acquired to real situations.
  • Demonstrate working and analytical rigour.

For more information on the programme description for this study cycle, click here.


The Bachelor’s degree in Business Engineering is a “transitional” degree (first cycle studies) designed as a basic training programme enabling access to the Master’s programme (second cycle studies). Unlike the “professional” Bachelor’s degree, it does not give direct access to the job market.

Which Masters do you have access to ?

  • Master's in Business Engineering
  • Master's in Economic and Social Policy
  • Master's in Management (60 or 120 credits, daytime or part-time and evening courses)

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