Cours donnés en anglais

La Faculté Warocqué d’Economie et de Gestion offre plusieurs cours en anglais. La plupart d’entre eux se concentrent sur les dimensions internationales des entreprises.

En tant qu’étudiant en échange, votre programme académique peut être composé exclusivement de cours mais peut également être complété par un stage dans une entreprise belge (stage). Un tel arrangement vous donnera l’opportunité de vivre une excellente expérience internationale et de vous donner tous les atouts nécessaires pour relever les défis d’une carrière internationale.


Business courses in English
Level :
Undergraduate /
Semester Hours ECTS
Financial Statements Analysis and Introduction to International Standards

The objective of this course is to teach students the basic skills and tools for a financial diagnosis. The course covers several topics such as introduction to the understanding of consolidated statements; introduction to IAS/IFRS standards (IAS 1, 16, 36, 37, 38, 40); Cash Flow statement; IAS 7; financial analysis within the financial sector; Basel standards and credit crunch.
To take this class, a basic knowledge of accounting principles is necessary.

Graduate  S1 30h  4
International Standards for Accounting and Reporting

At the end of this course, students will have a good comprehension of IAS and IFRS.
The content includes an overview for the normalisation process from an historical point of view: reasons, lobbying groups, objectives, decision process.  IAS1 is deeply analysed and presented by students, as well as other main standards, with accounting exercises, depending on actuality.  During the second part of the class, groups of students analyze, present and discuss, like in a scientific conference, various  scientific papers related to Standards, their information capacity, and their impact and use by managers and financial markets.  

Graduate  S1 20h  3
Internal Control (+ case studies)

At the end of those courses, students will have acquired concepts and methods of internal control COSO, KPI, Assertions, complementarity with financial audit and organizational and strategic issues. They perform a case study conducted by certified public accountants. 

Graduate  S1 30h  5
Performance analysis and management control

At the end of the course, students will be able to define management control and performance, to understand the role of a management controller and its position in the organisation’s flowchart, and to implement the classical tools of management control and performance measurement (budgets, scorecards, etc.).

Graduate  S1 25h  5


Internal Auditing and Risk Management

At the end of this course, students will have acquired concepts and methods of internal audit in various environments (financial audit, quality management, financial environment) and basic knowledge of Risk Management.  They will know and understand various frameworks as COSO, ERM, RIS, INTOSAI, ISO 31000. They perform a case study conducted by a Risk Manager.

Graduate  S1 15h  2
Management & Economics
Strategic Management

  • At the end of the course, the student will be able to develop critical analyses on strategic management issues by elaborating diagnoses and scenario-based solutions for real firm case studies. The course is mainly based on readings, case studies and presentations encompassing various topics in strategic management, such as strategic positioning of the firm, scenario planning, organizational structures, diversification and acquisition strategies, etc.
Graduate  S1  30h  5
Non-Profit Management

At the end of the course, students will have an insight into non-profit management by tackling the issues of strategic management, fundraising, stakeholder analysis, governance, reporting and assessment. Students will also be able to analyze real case studies using precise questions.

Graduate  S1  15h  2
International and European Economics

After this course, the student should be able to understand the international and European environment of the firms, including : the determinants of international specialization and of international financial flows ; the properties of trade policies (including market integration policies) ; the major features of international financial markets (including the determinants of exchange rates); recent developments in monetary and fiscal policies in Europe.

Graduate  S1  30h  4
Seminar in International and European Economics

At the end of the course, students will be able to formulate a research topic in the area of international and European economics, and to articulate a personal approach of it, after a review of the relevant literature. The students will also be able to actively participate in the discussion about the topics presented.

Graduate  S1  30h  4
Special Topics in Economics and Management

Each year, this course is offered by a visiting professor that is invited on the basis of his/her expertise in one of the following main dimensions of business: auditing, finance, marketing and international management.
The content is thus variable from year to year.

Graduate  S1  30h  4
Environmental Economics

The course aims to allow students to assess existing policy and to design future policy, taking into account environmental damages and abatement costs, the uncertainty surrounding the damages and abatement costs, distributional issues and political feasibility. The course content includes the conceptualisation of optimal pollution levels, environmental policy instruments (command and control, taxes, tradable permits, voluntary approaches), the science basis of climate change, international negotiations on environmental problems (climate change versus ozone depletion), environmental discounting and optimal policy under uncertainty and irreversibility.

Graduate  S2  30h  3
Industrial Economics

The course aims at providing students with a deeper understanding of competition, product differentiation, organisational structures in industrial markets. Both theoretical modelling, based on game theory, as well as intuitive interpretations in concrete situations are thought.

Graduate  S1  30h  4
Public finance Undergraduate  S1 40h 4
Financial Markets and portfolio management Graduate  S1  30h  5
Cases in Finance & Taxes

Through this seminar, the students will have to examine and to discuss situations of different companies. They will have to apply the theories taught during their program to concrete cases. In this seminar, the students will develop skills such as the ability to synthesize, to work in a team, the art of public speaking and the capacity of argumentation.

Graduate  S2  20h  3
International Financial Management

At the end of the course, students will be able to understand the functioning of the spot and forward forex markets; understand the functioning and the pricing techniques of forex derivatives (e.g., swaps, futures, options); be able to measure and manage the exposure to international risks (forex risk, hedging techniques…); be familiar with and be able to evaluate the international sources of financing; be able to assess FDI projects.

Graduate  S1   45h  6
International Marketing Management

At the end of this course, students will be able to understand and apply the basis of marketing strategies at the international scale. The course covers the various variables of marketing and explains the factors that influence their implementation in an international context. The course gives a large space to illustrations and discussions.

Graduate  S1  25h  4
Cases in Marketing Strategy

At the end of this seminar, students will have acquired the skills needed in order to confidently develop, present and implement of a relevant and consistent marketing strategy. The seminar covers the various variables of strategic and operational marketing and explains the specificities of their adaptation in different contexts.

Graduate  S1  45h  6
Digital Marketing Seminar

At the end of the instruction, the students will be able to understand and use digital tools in order to integrate them in a consistent way in a marketing program. They will also have the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of a marketing manager by implementing a digital strategy for a real company.

Graduate  S2  25h  4
Marketing 2 Undergraduate  S2  30h  4
Other fields
International Project S1 or S2 Undergraduate  S1 or S2  /  5
Work Placement

Work placements can be supervised by one of the Warocqué School’s professors.
Work placement opportunities may be available, within one of the University departments or at partner companies. Nevertheless the school is not responsible for finding work placements for exchange students.

Graduate  S1 or S2  /  10
Master’s thesis

Exchange students may realise their final thesis during their stay in Belgium and be (co-) supervised by one of the Warocqué School’s professors.

Graduate  S1 and/or
 /  20
English Communication seminars

Students enrolled in this course are required to have a good working knowledge of English (CECR B2). Upon successful completion of this course, students will be  better equipped to join the global workforce and will have learned to communicate more effectively in international business settings.

« English Communication Seminars » consist of two learning modules:
1/ « Application Survival Guide » will prepare the students to apply for jobs in English (to think critically about job descriptions, positively present their own skills and personality, write effective cover letters and CVs and successfully handle themselves during job interviews).
2/ « Business Cross-Cultural Challenges » : Students will gain intercultural intelligence, a critical tool in the international workplace : we will take a close look at the cultural differences, large and small, that determine how business is conducted around the world, with a view to better navigating our globalized marketplace

Graduate S2  30h  2
Level :
Undergraduate /
 Semester  Hours  ECTS
Espagnol  Graduate and undergraduate S1 and/or S2  variable  variable
Welvaartseconomie en duurzame ontwikkeling  Graduate S1  30h  4
French Language Courses

Classes run twice a week (2×2 hours) during the evening, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, catering for cultural and linguistic exchange. Emphasis is put on both oral and written communication to support students in everyday life as well as in an academic context. This course will also allow students to discover the cultural riches of Belgium (particularly Mons) through documentaries, exhibition visits, etc.
At the beginning of the term, students will be requested to take a placement test in order to be included in one of the 3 level groups. Level 1 : no pre-requisite.

  / S1 and/or S2  5