International Mobility

The teaching of architecture is vast and complex, shaped by our cultures and by the evolution of society. At a time when there is much debate about globalisation and cultural identity, the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning encourages students to open themselves up to the world. A rapidly expanding international network is being built up with international partners through workshops, seminars, colloquia and conferences. Student mobility is supported by a network of university partners inside and outside Europe.

Students can spend two periods abroad during their course, one during their Bachelor’s degree and the other during their Master’s degree (OUTGOING mobility). A mobility programme can last from 6 months to one year. Student mobility is promoted and encouraged through European exchange programmes, such as Erasmus+, as well as on a global scale through other types of organisations. Students can apply to study in Europe, in countries such as Italy, Spain and France, or further afield, in Morocco, Japan and Quebec, for example. These programmes enable students to broaden their perspectives on the world, culturally, interpersonally and linguistically speaking, as well as pedagogically, by grasping the many facets of architecture and urban planning.

The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning also welcomes students (INCOMING mobility) from Europe and the rest of the world (Europe, North Africa, America, Asia, etc.).

The mobility of teachers and researchers is also central to the international sharing of expertise and the development of multidisciplinary research, strengthening active relations with our international partners.

Our student testify

Blanche, one year in QUEBEC “My year abroad in Quebec was an unforgettable experience. It gave me new architectural perspectives, professional …
Blanche Péné
Final year Master's student in Architecture

Amélie, one year in MEXICO “I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to carry out a 1-year placement in the Mexican city of Oaxaca! Mexico is…
Amélie Gilles
Final year Master's student in Architecture
Tourpal, one year in KOREA "I was lucky enough to be able to fulfil my goal of studying abroad, thanks to UMONS and the FA+U. South Korea offer…
Tourpal-Eli Lobazanov
Student at the beginning of the Master's cycle in Architecture
Justine, 6 months in FRANCE “My Erasmus in Toulouse was a real challenge! I learned about myself, met friendly people and discovered another wa…
Justine Gérin
Final year Master's student in Architecture
Arno, 6 months in JAPAN “Kobe is full of buildings designed by great names such as Tadao Ando, Shigeru Ban and Frank Lloyd Wright, so seeing th…
Arno Palaia
Final year Master's student in Architecture