Strategic Council

The Strategic Council of the FPMs is an advisory body through which representatives of the Faculty and members from the economic and industrial worlds come together. It gives opinions on the Faculty’s policies regarding teaching and research, as well as any problems raised by the Faculty Board. It also acts as a bridge between the Faculty and the FPMs Association of Engineers (AIMs-Polytech Mons Alumni) for actions they want to undertake together.

The composition of the proposed Strategic Council for 2018-2022 is as follows:

Internal members appointed by the Faculty Board (11)

Christine RENOTTE, Véronique FELDHEIM, Philippe ANCIA, Laurent VAN PARYS, Anne-Lise HANTSON, François VALLEE, Philippe FORTEMPS, Edouard RIVIERE, Pascal GODENIAUX, Landelin DELCOUCQ et Pierre DEHOMBREUX.

External members (11)

Anne FIEVEZ, Airy WILMET, Daniel GAUTHIER, Christophe LEBRUN, Christine LEVEQUE, Michel VAN LIEFFERINGE, Jean-Jacques CLOQUET, Eric DEGROOTE, Guillaume DEWISPELAERE, Jean-Philippe DRAYE et Philippe VAN TROEYE.

Guest:Diane THOMAS, Angeline AUBERT, Barbara PESENTI

Secretariat: Christine MARTENS.