I have redone all the calculations; they confirm the opinions of the specialists: our idea is unachievable. There is only one thing left to do: make it happen!
(Pierre-Georges Latécoère, French engineer, in the early days of commercial aviation, 1883-1943)

At the heart of the engineering profession lies this dynamic of daring change, continuous progress and innovation beyond acquired habits and certainties.

A project is an adventure that leads to imagining, designing, developing and implementing a new product or service. More than an adventure, it is a real daily challenge for engineers, because projects must be completed within in a specific time, with a limited budget and with an excellent level of efficiency.

Projects are a way for engineers to implement their scientific and technological knowledge and skills. However, their human qualities of interaction with colleagues in multidisciplinary teams, with customers and with different stakeholders of the project, is really what makes projects successful.

This is why project dynamics are present throughout the training of future engineers, as such we offer training on and through projects, allowing our students to excel and reach their full potential.

Here are some of the challenges our engineers have faced in recent years :

What about you? What challenges are you ready to overcome?