Master’s Dissertation

Are you studying for a Master’s at your university? Do you want to write your dissertation at the Faculty of Engineering (FPMs)?

The list of dissertation subjects is available on request (see Faculty Contacts).

Two forms are available:

  • The “Learning Agreement” form
  • The “Placement” form

The “Learning Agreement” form

  • Your university has a formal agreement with UMONS (and more specifically the FPMs)
  • According to your profile, you choose the dissertation subject from amongst our course programmes
  • The dissertation will be credited with 20 ECTS
  • You must write your dissertation during your stay and present it to the Faculty of Engineering

The “Placement” form

  • You have (or a teacher at your university has) contact with a teacher from UMONS and they want to welcome you to their laboratory for a research assignment or a practical placement
  • Your dissertation will be credited with ECTS at your home university

NOTE: It is important that the form is filled out and the subject of the placement is fully determined BEFORE you arrive at the FPMs!