Research Institutes

Excellence in 7 domains

Biosciences Institute: Biosciences and Biochemistry

Development of Bioprocesses:
Agri-food and environmental pharmaceutical fields combining the properties of microorganisms or mammalian cells.

Mathematical Models:
Specific technologies and development of optimisation and control tools..

Complexys Institute: Complex Systems 

Development of Bioprocesses:
computer, mathematics, sociological, ecological, economic, biological and physical.

Development of Analysis Tools:
digital, dynamic systems, game theory, operational research, decision support and mathematical logic

Institut Energie : Technologies et gestion de l’énergie 

Energy Resources and Management:
production of biofuels (micro-algae), geothermal resources, intelligent management of electricity networks, energy performance of buildings.

Energy Technologies:
New combustion technologies, solar and wind technologies, thermal energy storage, recycling and storage of CO2

Institute: Materials Science and Engineering 

New materials and processes, nanotechnologies and nanoparticles, materials and devices for electronics, functionalisation of surfaces, adsorption and heterogeneous catalysis, structures and materials of construction, engineering of materials for living.



Infortech Institute: Information Technology 

Information Processing:
Collection, transmission and processing of digital information (data, video, images and signals).

Architectures of Information Systems:
Modelling, optimisation and verification of hardware architectures, software, information systems, coding and communication.

Development and study of open source software

Numediart Institute: Creative Technologies 

Hypermedia Navigation:
Search for particular data in a large multimedia data collection.

Performative Media:
Development of innovative digital musical instruments based on various sensors.

Capture and stylistic analysis of movement for the control of avatars or animated characters.

Smart Spaces:
Prediction and analysis of people’s interest in various spaces (exhibitions, museums, cafes). Serious games to arouse the interest of users.

Risks Institute: Risk Management 

Risques naturels & environnementaux :
sismicité, inondations, foudre, effondrements karstiques, pollutions air, eaux et sols.

Risques industriels & technologiques :
fiabilité et maintenance, accidents majeurs, sécurité des transports, incendies, toxicologie.

Risques organisationnels & sociétaux :
gestion de la qualité, organisations complexes, urbanisation, infrastructures critiques