Practical Info

The pace of study…

At the Faculty of Engineering, courses are taught over a semester (the first or second) which is dedicated to both lessons and exams. This important information, especially if you only come to UMONS for one semester, is indicated in the “period” column of the course programmes.

  • The first semester (Q1) of the academic year is from mid-September until the end of January.
  • The second semester (Q2) is from the beginning of February until the end of June.


Before your exchange at our Faculty, you will have to establish the course programme that you will follow at UMONS. The ECTS course descriptions are there to help you!

On the online course programme, if you click on the course names, you will see the description of the course. These descriptions are the courses’ identity.

In the pre-requisite sections, you will find the topics or concepts you need to master before taking the course in question.

Programmes are available HERE 

 Other general practical information (the average cost of a year of study, housing, taking care of yourself and staying in shape, transport etc.)