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The UMONS Faculty of Engineering (FPMS, also known as “Polytech Mons”) has been training innovative, open-minded, future engineers since 1837! Students can study for a Master’s degree in Engineering, and can choose from six different specialist areas: Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Computer Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering, and Geology and Mining Engineering. The FPMs also offers a Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering.

The broad scientific knowledge and transferable skills acquired during the course allow our future engineers to exercise extremely diverse trades in varied and challenging environments. All Polytech Mons degrees are also officially recognised in France and are labelled EUR-ACE in Europe, thus strengthening international mobility and employability.

Over the five years of training, teaching at Polytech Mons is constant and contacts with industry are worldwide. Many activities, grouped under the acronym ENG’UP, encourage all students to question their future professional careers and lead them to take on the course best suited to their personality. Through ENG’UP, motivation among students tends to drastically increase, which helps our students to overcome the difficulties of a constantly demanding, scientific and technical course.

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