Becoming an Engineer in Mons

If obtaining a highly valued degree in the job market is one of your goals,

If becoming a specialist in science and technology attracts you,

If modern technologies are your passion,

If designing and implementing useful systems and products seems like your kind of thing,

If you aspire to build the future,

Then become an engineer!


The FPMs (also known as “Polytech”) course benefits from interactive pedagogy, with exercises and practical work, as well as group work and personal projects, all of which encourage the gradual development of the scientific, technical and human skills expected from an engineer. All together, they help develop creativity, entrepreneurship and research skills.

Choosing the FPMs is choosing to evolve in an environment of training and coaching that progressively transforms its students into a creative, fulfilled, responsible engineers. It is a member of several networks of engineering schools throughout the world, all of its degrees are awarded with the EUR-ACE label, and students can complete their training with internationally recognised language certification. All in all, the FPMs offers :

A faculty with a human dimension :

Students are not just a number, but people in their own right. The Polytech spirit is a true asset for students to evolve throughout their studies, and it persists even after graduation through the network of former graduates “AIMs Polytech Mons Alumni”.

Personalised support :

Various actions have been put in place to show students  the technical and non-technical realities of the engineering profession. Over the course of five years, the Faculty ensures that there is significant interaction between their teaching activities and the corporate world. These activities, along with the many others grouped under the acronym ENG’UP, push each student to question their future professional life and direct them to follow the training course best suited to their personality. This leads to an increase in motivation, allowing students to overcome the difficulties of their ever-demanding scientific and technological training.

Teaching based on projects and personal work :

Be it the construction of a major work, the setting up of a new production unit, or the development of large-scale computer software, the students are often in charge of making a success of their engineering projects. To achieve this, they must possess transferable skills, such as scientific rigour, autonomy, the ability to manage projects and work in teams, and oral and written communication skills. To forge these skills, projects are integrated into the curriculum from the beginning of the course, and the level of project work is intensified in the specialisation year to prepare the students for professional practice.

International mobility :

Language skills, particularly English, have become crucial for engineers in both scientific and corporate contexts. At the FPMs, after 3 years of English classes, students pass an internationally recognised British Council test, IELTS (International English Language Testing System), with the aim of helping to boost their CVs. They can then take scientific and technical courses, or even a whole Master’s, in English (for certain specialist focuses) at the Faculty, or, they may carry out academic placements abroad, such as ERASMUS, or study for double degrees under the T.I.M.E. network.

Research excellence :

The Polytech is an institution recognised internationally for the excellence of its research. Supervision of students by professors and scientists active in the world of research ensures an education which is at the forefront of technology. The six Master’s programmes on offer are closely related to the research activities developed by the University’s research centres.

A developed alumni network :

The graduate Engineers of Mons have their own Alumni association (AIMs Polytech Mons Alumni). The members of this group are present in all sectors and in all types of organisations covering the engineering professions: working in SMEs or very large companies, in the private or public sectors, fulfilling roles offering technical expertise and high level management. It is the largest network engineering alumni network in the country. This network is a major source of support for the Faculty’s numerous economic and industrial partners, and is also a considerable asset for successful entry into the professional world.

A fulfilling student life :

Student life at the Polytech is very developed. The Students’ Federation and the various circles and committees organise many activities open to all throughout the year. Students are also involved in social and civic life by organising specific actions. They are also represented in every decision-making body of the Faculty. The small size of the Faculty facilitates contact between students and teachers, and even the constitution of class schedules and exams is held in consultation with students.


You’re making the right choice !

Studying in Mons means experiencing traditional campus life! The Polytech buildings are in the heart of the historic centre of the city. Fancy a break? The Grand-Place is not far! With its terraces, beautiful architecture, shopping street, and many students, Mons is an unquestionably welcoming and multicultural city.