Research Activities

Research and Teaching

The FPMs (also known as “Polytech Mons”) is internationally recognised for the excellence of its research. The supervision of students by professors and scientists active in the world of research ensures that our teaching is always in line with the latest, cutting-edge technology.

Research at the FPMs in figures:

  • 250 academics, scientists, researchers, technicians and administrative staff members
  • Almost 20 PhD theses defended per year
  • The creation of start-ups and spin-offs.

Our collaborative research teams at UMONS focus on 7 domains at the following research institutes:

  • Research Institute for Biosciences
  • Research Institute for Energy
  • Research Institute for Complex Systems
  • Research Institute for Science and Material Engineering
  • Research Institute for Information Technology and Computer Science
  • Research Institute for Creative Technologies
  • Research Institute for the Science and Management of Risks