Teaching and Research Units

Researchers of the Faculty are not only teachers : they are also involved in the latest research projects and actively take part in many international collaborations with foreign universities and large international research centres and corporations. Browsing the pages of the teaching and research departments allows you to realise the diversity and the extent of the research undertaken in our Faculty.

  • Architecture Department (President: Prof. L. Van Parys) : Civil Engineering and Structural Mechanics Unit – Architectural and Urban Engineering Unit 
  • Chemistry and Materials Science Department (President: Prof. A-L. Hantson) : Materials Science Unit – Chemical and Biochemical Process Engineering Unit – Thermodynamics and Mathematical Physics Unit – Metallurgy Unit 
  • Electrical Engineering Department (President: Prof. O. Deblecker) : General Physics Unit – Electrical Power Engineering Unit – Information, Signals and Artificial Intelligence Unit (ISIA) – Systems, Estimation, Control and Optimisation Unit – Electromagnetism and Telecommunications Unit – Electronics and Microelectronics Unit 
  • Computer and Management Engineering Department (President: Prof. P. Fortemps : Technological Innovation Management Unit – Computer Science, Software and Artificial Intelligence Unit (ILIA) – Mathematics and Operational Research Unit 
  • Mechanical Engineering Department (President: Prof. E. Riviere-Lorphevre) : Fluids-Machines Unit – Theoretical Mechanics, Dynamics and Vibrations Unit – Thermal Engineering and Combustion Unit – Machine Design and Production Engineering Unit
  • Geology and Mining Department (President: Prof. P. Goderniaux) : Geology and Applied Geology Unit – Mining Engineering Unit