Support for Success

BAB1 Success Scheme – Polytech

Engineer training is exciting and rewarding. Engineering studies and trades are varied, evolving and out of the ordinary. The sector is also demanding. Students will acquire new scientific and technological knowledge and will develop technical and human skills.

The UMONS Faculty of Engineering is aware of the difficult transition between secondary and university education. To facilitate this step, to guide the student towards more autonomy, and to accompany them towards the success in their studies, the Faculty has developed a ‘BAB1 Success Scheme’ in coordination with the QAP-Polytech faculty teaching unit. This unit is essentially dedicated to the first year students and brings together assistants and academic advisers.

The pedagogical support team (text below) strengthens the supervision of first-year students in technical courses. The close collaboration between the teaching units and the QAP-Polytech makes it possible to reflect on the teaching offered and to develop relevant activities and/or teaching tools, where each student will be able to find help if they feel they need it.

As part of the UMONS Welcome Week, FPMs students organise an afternoon with new students so that they can discover their new working environment and make friends.

A day is also dedicated to the presentation of the Faculty and the courses it offers. Teachers also attend this event. A free meal is served so that students can get acquainted with teachers and other students in a friendly atmosphere.

It is also an opportunity for new students to assess their level of English and allows language teachers to form groups for better progression.

Classes are taught during the first six weeks of each period. In the seventh week, most of the lessons are require a summary, exercises, or question and answers. Assessments can be organised during these periods. There are no BAB1 classes on Wednesday afternoons so as to allow students to participate in the “BAB1 Success Scheme” activities.


Faculty teachers and members of QAP-Polytech are particularly attentive to the preparation of class schedules and ensure an adapted assessment rhythm.

Compulsory assessments are organised in the seventh week of the first and third periods, the aim of which is to give students the opportunity to see their progress and test the effectiveness of their working methods, according to their teachers’ demands. These tests take place early on, allowing students to react quickly and adopt good practices for the rest of the course.

Coaching on Wednesday afternoons

For each scientific course, coaching sessions are scheduled on Wednesday afternoons throughout the year. Students can meet the teaching assistants to:

  • Ask questions about the subjects
  • Correct tests and organised during the year
  • Solve additional exercises
  • Prepare for exams
  • Acquire appropriate working methods.

Interdisciplinary Workshops

These workshops demonstrate how the same mathematical concept is used in various scientific disciplines and help to better understand the link between the different domains.

These workshops focus on themes related to working methodology. At the University, students are expected to take notes correctly, make summaries, manage time effectively, be critical, … skills which are not innate to all. All students will acquire and develop them throughout their studies and in different contexts. Nevertheless, to help put in place adequate working methods, methodology workshops have been set up at the start of the academic year.

Two Educational Components are included in the BAB1 course programme.

  • One is for BAB1 students who are registered on the first block of the Bachelor for the second time and want to “set off on the right foot” and get luck on their side.
  • The other is for BAB1 students who have failed one or more subjects in the January exams, and offers activities to prepare the students for the resit exams in June or to sharpen their knowledge on a subject.

All FPMs students experiencing personal or academic difficulties may seek help from QAP-Polytech. All interactions with our team are strictly confidential.  The Educational Support Unit (SAP) also provide a listening ear and advice to students. 

Teaching Assistants

They support teachers, develop formative assessment tools, organise Q&A sessions, and correct exams. They have developed a programme for struggling BAB1 students to help them pass the first year.

Academic Advisors
Together with the assistants, the academic advisors design activities to help students develop their working methods and learning skills. They represent the Faculty at higher education events held outside of the University.